Matt's RV-8 Project

Matt Dralle's RV-8 Project
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Date:  11-27-2010
Number of Hours:  1.00
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Brief Description:  Test Flight Video - Part 2 - Landing - 1080p HD

May 3 2010

This Part II of my RV-8 Test Flight documents slow flight testing and landing configuration testing, a couple more circuits around the airport, landing, taxi back, and returning to the hangar.

Note that on the taxi back, the windsock is almost a direct crosswind at about 10 knots as I recall. Makes me even more proud of that first landing, and the fact that I put it right down on the numbers!

Be sure to check out Part I of this video which documents the startup, taxi out, take off, and first circuit around the field.

  • Matt's Test Flight - Part 2 - Landing

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    Test Flight Video - Part 2 - Landing

    Test Flight Video - Part 2 - Landing

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